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June 4, 2020
Targeted drugs and immunotherapies may lower risk of hematologic cancers

Trend of reduced therapy-related hematologic cancers among patients with three cancer types likely driven by immune modulation, Roswell Park team proposes ...more >

Platform shows its mettle with kidney disease and COVID

Delta 4 announces that encouraging results have been achieved with its drug discovery 
technology ... more >

A boost for cancer immunotherapy

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology design nanoparticles that stimulate the immune system and help it attack tumors ...more >

Aiming to better tackle relapse

Purdue startup gets $2-million SBIR grant to fast-track cancer drug platform technology ...more >

Radiation-induced lung injury: Is there finally an approved treatment on the way?

Aqualung Therapeutics receives a $2.3-million award to develop a novel therapeutic antibody for patients with radiation-induced lung injury...more >

Thermo NL - June 04  Reveal_-DDN_300x100
COVID-19 helps boost the move toward virtual trials

ERT survey indicates many companies and organziations are implementing elements of virtual trials due to the pandemic ...more >

COVID-19 study funding extended after positive preliminary data

Study in California is utilizing IVIG as investigational coronavirus treatment for adults experiencing respiratory failure ...more >